The “INES Classifier” computer program was developed by SEC NRS for scientific and technical support of the Information and Analytical Center of the Russian Regulatory Authority (Rostechnadzor). The computer program is based on the methodology outlined in the Guidelines for users of the International Nuclear and Radiological Events Scale – […]

“INES Classifier” Computer Program Developed by SEC NRS Submitted to ...

Reliability of simulation models for nuclear installations, which are realized applying computer codes, has a vital importance for the safe use of nuclear energy. In the process of development of software that allows forecasting to the last detail of nuclear installations behavior in various operation conditions, as well as in […]

Software used for safety review of nuclear facilities

Deep disposal facilities for liquid radioactive waste (DDF LRW) have been operating over 50 years in the Russian Federation. The disposal of liquid radioactive waste (LRW) is carried out by controlled well injection of LWR into deep horizons, isolated from the surface by low permeable rocks and shallow aquifers. In […]

Improving the methods for justification and assessment of long-term safety ...

Following the already established trend of digital transformation of global world economy, nuclear industry is moving towards post-industrial development. The distinctive feature of the atomic industry transformation is the comprehensive implementation of information processes into all spheres of activity in the field of atomic energy use. In Russia, a Digital […]

Digital strategy of nuclear sector development

The world entry into the digital era, when a human daily life more and more depends on the sophisticated technologies, requires the prompt and timely reaction to new challenges requiring to neutralize the potential adverse occurrences. In our modern society the progression of cyberthreats represents the continually growing threat. Information […]

Information security

Олег Михайлович более 10 лет читал в МЭИ разработанный им курс по безопасности объектов использования атомной энергии, получил звание профессора, является автором около 150 научных трудов, книг, монографий и статей, дающих представление о формировании и развитии системы регулирования безопасности. Однако о первых шагах на пути к привычному нам уже много […]

Интервью с О. М. Ковалевичем. «Первоначальная цель достигнута, но хотелось ...