Rostechnadzor and SEC NRS participation in ATOMEXPO 2016, MNTK-2016 and ATOMEXPO BELARUS 2016

atomexpo_600Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service (Rostechnadzor) and Scientific and Engineering Centre for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (SEC NRS) took part in the VIIIth International Forum «ATOMEXPO 2016», the X International Scientific and Technical Conference on Safety, Efficiency and Economics of Nuclear Power Industry (MNTK-2016) and the VII International Conference and Exhibition «ATOMEXPO BELARUS 2016» hosted in Moscow and Minsk between April and June 2016.

International specialized exhibition and a congress with the involvement of representatives from international, national and public organizations, Russian and foreign companies, core experts in the nuclear power industry was organized at the «ATOMEXPO 2016» International Forum in Moscow, Russia in June, 2016.

«Nuclear Power as a Basis for Zero Carbon Energy Balance» was the main topic of the Forum. The Forum gave nuclear power industry world leaders an opportunity to analyze and discuss contemporary challenges faced by the energy market, to determine nuclear power industry perspectives as the pillar for sustainable social and economic development of countries.

Congress under the frames of the Forum featured the following:

  • Round table «Fuel Supply and Back End – Integrated Solutions. Competitiveness and Environmental Acceptability of Nuclear Energy Now and in the Future»;
  • Round table «Creation of Nuclear Science and Technology Centers. Rosatom State Corporation’s International Scientific Cooperation Projects Illustrated by the MBIR Project»;
  • Round table «Lifecycle Management. From NPP Construction Management to NPP Information Management Throughout the Lifecycle»;
  • Round table «Internal Control in Company Management System»;
  • Plenary session «Nuclear Power as a Basis for Zero Carbon Energy Balance»;
  • Round table «Energy Balance Optimization, Environmental and Economic Aspects. Nuclear and Renewable Energy»;
  • Plenary session «Future of Nuclear Power. New Players»;
  • Business-dialogue «Nuclear fuel supply safety and unique technologies – basis for NPP fuel supply partnership development (20 years of successful cooperation)»;
  • Round table «Countries on the Threshold of Nuclear Development: Global Challenges and Solutions by Rosatom»;
  • Round table «Creation of Nuclear Science and Technology Centers on research reactor basis. Business and scientific application»;
  • Round table «Innovative Products for Sustainable Development»;
  • Round table «Eco-efficient Technologies of Nuclear Industry: Today and Tomorrow»;
  • Round table «Legal Issues of NPP Construction Project Financing»;
  • Round table «Public Acceptance of Nuclear Technologies and the Rosatom Education Mission».

Forum «ATOMEXPO 2016» has attracted more than 5 000 persons from 55 countries. The exhibition event held within the Forum was attended by 99 Russian and foreign companies.

The participation in congress has allowed:

  • the world leaders of the industry to exchange advanced practices and experiences to implement new approaches;
  • to contribute to the dialogue with government structures, expert, scientific and business communities regarding the world nuclear power development issues;
  • to get a clear picture about the needs and the possibilities of nuclear power industry;
  • to highlight their progress achieved in nuclear power industry;
  • to increase considerably their contacts, to present products and services to the representatives of the world nuclear power industry.

The MNTK-2016 Conference (Moscow, May, 2016) has provided an opportunity to share experience and information on key issues of NPP operation and perspectives for nuclear power development; this event has facilitated the decision-making in respect to the following urgent issues:

  • ensuring the priority of NPP operation safety;
  • improving the economic efficiency of power units operation;
  • extension of power units operation period;
  • SNF and RW management; provisions for decommissioning of NPP units;
  • nuclear power engineering development through construction and commissioning of new generation units, development and implementation of promising designs.

In addition to the plenary sessions, the Conference included sessions of the following sections:

  • «Safe and efficient operation of Russian NPPs»;
  • «Nuclear power development»;
  • «Nuclear power economics»;
  • «International cooperation focused on ensuring NPPs safety»;
  • «Human resource for the nuclear power».

The following topical areas were addressed in the course of sections sessions:

  • Operation, maintenance and repair of NPPs with VVER, RBMK, BN and EGP reactors;
  • Engineering support to NPP operation;
  • Radiation safety, NPP ecology, emergency preparedness;
  • Nuclear power economics;
  • Development of new nuclear power units;
  • Advanced nuclear power projects;
  • International cooperation focused on ensuring NPPs safety;
  • Training of young specialists for NPPs and transfer of veterans’ experience.

The exhibition organized as part of MNTK-2016 included exhibits presented by the leading Russian enterprises of the industry and foreigners attended the Conference.

The main objectives of ATOMEXPO — BELARUS 2016 Exhibition and Conference were the demonstration of the novel technologies available in design, construction, operation and safety ensuring of an NPP; provision for efficient equipment supply chains needed for Belarus NPP construction; facilitating the system formation on nuclear power industry personnel training in the Republic of Belarus.

Research and practice conference «The Development of the Nuclear Power Industry in the Republic of Belarus» was organized in the frames of Forums business program and it included a plenary session, round table meetings and presentations by exhibiting companies.

The principle topics of this Conference were:

  • «Construction of the Belarus NPP; building works and equipment supply»,
  • «Nuclear Power Infrastructure Development in the Republic of Belarus» and
  • «Public Acceptance of Nuclear Power».

More than 70 organisations and companies from Russia and the Republic of Belarus were presented at «ATOMEXPO — BELARUS 2016». The Exhibition and the Conference brought together the representatives from leading Russian and Belorussian enterprises providing works and services to nuclear power industry. More than 600 specialists from Russia, the Republic of Belarus and the European countries took part in the business program.

In the frames of the Exhibition new technologies and equipment were demonstrated as well as the best innovations and pressing industry-specific issues were addressed, prospects for development were emerging and partnership relations were building a chain.

During exhibitions and forums the exhibitors stands of SEC NRS presented the information to the full extent showing the activities under implementation for scientific and technical support to nuclear and radiation safety regulation including analysis and substantiation of criteria and safety requirements at the use of atomic energy.


Andrey Balalaechnikov, SEC NRS,