SEC NRS – Technical and Scientific Support Organization of the Russian Regulatory Body and ETSON Associated Member

Scientific and Engineering Centre for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (SEC NRS) is ETSON Associated Member since 2012. It is a non-profit organization providing full-fledged technical and scientific support to Rostechnadzor.

Status of SEC NRS

SEC NRS is a non-profit organization, Federal Budget Enterprise and of Federal property. SEC NRS with the authorized staff size of 350 people provides full-fledged scientific and technical support to Rostechnadzor.

Roles and duties of SEC NRS

Drafting regulations in the field of nuclear and radiation safety is one of the high-priority activities of SEC NRS. Its systematic updating and harmonization with international safety standards is provided by SEC NRS experts with the involvement of broad spectrum of Rostechnadzor and other competent authorities’ specialists.

SEC NRS is entrusted to perform safety review of nuclear facilities and/or types of activities within Rostechnadzor licensing procedure. The top-level experts are participating in such review realization.

SEC NRS R&D works are the scientific basis for all others types of activities aimed at scientific and technical support.

R&D Activities of SEC NRS
  • Neutron and nuclear physics;
  • Integrity and reliability of reactor, pipelines and facility equipment;
  • Methods, models and calculations for design and beyond design basis accidents, accident consequences including analysis of radioactive products and radioactive releases propagation to the environment;
  • Probabilistic and deterministic safety assessment;
  • Control, account and physical protection of nuclear materials;
  • Stability and reliability of buildings, structures and constructions to external impacts;
  • Safety of nuclear materials, spent nuclear fuel, radiation sources and radioactive waste management at different phases, including aspects of long-term safety;
  • Analytical and information support to Technical Emergency Center of Rostechnadzor (Crisis center).

SEC NRS is also involved into training of inspectors and its personnel. The Centre organizes conferences and workshops, updates the necessary databases, publishes and distributes regulatory documents of Rostechnadzor. SEC NRS publishes “Nuclear and Radiation Safety” journal, which is an official journal of Rostechnadzor.

All works performed by SEC NRS are based on sharp examination of national and international experience of nuclear facilities designing, operation, the accumulated and state-of-art level of science and technology, approaches of review and safety supervision realization.

Activity of SEC NRS is in close interaction with “Rosatom” State Corporation organizations and its structural subdivisions in implementation of the Federal Target Programs, international cooperation, public relations and economic contracts, etc.

International Cooperation

SEC NRS implements a very strong partnership with foreign TSOs and participates in the work of Committees, Commissions and Working Groups of the following international organizations:

  • IAEA;
  • Technical and Scientific Support Organizations Forum (TSOF). SEC NRS was nominated by Rostechnadzor as a representative of Russia to the Steering Committee of TSO Forum;
  • Nuclear Energy Agency of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (NEA/OECD);
  • Forum of the State Nuclear Authorities of the countries operating WWER Reactors;
  • Western European Nuclear Regulators Association (WENRA);
  • European Technical Safety Organizations Network (ETSON). SEC NRS is a member of ETSON since June 2012;
  • TSOs and organizations from CIS, Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, America.

SEC NRS provides scientific and technical assistance to regulatory authorities of countries embarking on nuclear power program (Vietnam, the Republic of Belarus, Turkey, Bangladesh, Jordan and others). SEC NRS renders different types of services to its foreign partners, including support in the development of national regulatory infrastructure and regulatory and legislative framework, scientific and technical consulting of the regulator’s activity and joint realization of expert reviews.

SEC NRS strengthens interactions with traditional and regular partners from countries operating reactors of the Russian design. SEC NRS specialists are involved into Forum of the State Nuclear Authorities of the Countries, Operating WWER Type Reactors to discuss current state of safety level and progress of interaction in order to improve nuclear and radiation safety in the Russian Federation and worldwide.


Denis Mistryugov, SEC NRS,


Russia, 107140, Moscow, Malaya Krasnoselskaya st. 2/8, bld. 5;
Phone: +7 (499) 264-00-03;
Fax: +7 (499) 264-28-59;

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